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"Amanda helped get my business started by advising and helping me each step of the way, from guiding me through the obstacle of starting a new business, to setting up the infrastructure.  It has been a year now, and Amanda remains as my Accountant.  She has done a great job keeping my vendors and employees paid on time and my books in order. She communicates and keeps it simple and easy for me follow.  With her on board, I can focus on my business where it really counts.  Thanks Amanda"

        - Ed Simeonoff, Owner of Northmen Glass, LLC, 907-274-5277

"I worked with Amanda for just under two years.  When I first met her, I was a moderately skilled accountant with four years' experience.  Despite the overwhelming workload she already had, she chose to mentor and train me.  In less than two years, I went from a moderately skilled accountant to a Controller, running my own accounting department.  The Financials and reconciliations I do, are based on what she taught me and has made a big impact at my current company.  In my opinion, Amanda is the ideal accountant, and to this day I still ask myself, "How would Amanda handle this?". I would recommend Amanda without hesitation to anyone looking for an Accountant.  She will clearly communicate with you, and make sure you're aware of any problems, as well as opportunities."

         - Friend and Colleague Steven Berkowitz  

"I worked with Amanda for close to a year at Capitol Glass Northerm Windows. Not only was Amanda a joy to work with, she is very attentive to her job. She always made sure everything was in order financially and had a balanced budget. As the Marketing Director there, I would work closely with her on maintaining an appropriate budget for the marketing and sales team needs. As well as the annual Christmas Party! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Amanda’s focus on her work and her as a person. She’s honestly one of a kind and I am so lucky to have worked beside her! "

         - Christina Peterson